Vivienne - Newborn

I LOVE BABIES.  LOVE.  I love holding them, and walking with them, and snuggling in their sweet smelling necks.  And I really love getting to photograph them and hand over their newborn pictures to their mommas!  I remember waiting on my children's newborn pictures with such great anticipation and pouring over them when I received them and just feeling so much love and joy for this little person that looked so calm and SWEET in their photos! 

Now, I know firsthand that babies are also loud and exhausting and hard, but when I think back to their newborn stage, I remember their sweetness and everything that their newborn pictures portray so that's what I try to capture.  I got to meet little Vivienne a week after she was born.  And she was just as perfect as I'd imagined she'd be :)  Take a look for yourself!