Stephanie & Dru - Married!! (In GORGEOUS Santa Fe)

Okay, first off... this is going to be a long post.  Scroll through anyway... it's worth it  :) So.  My husband and I turned this wedding into a personal vacation.  I was asked to start shooting on Thursday.  We got there the Monday before.  And all I can say is, if you haven't been to Santa Fe - GO RIGHT NOW.  I'm serious.  Drop everything and GO.  Before all of the wedding festivities got started, here are some pictures we took of the town.  And this is such a small glimpse.  Multiply this times 1000, and that's all the cool stuff that is crammed into this place!

The first day there, we walked the town and ran into The Self Express.  Check 'em out!

We also went on a hike with an awesome tour guide, Karen, with Outspire Hiking & Snowshoeing.  The fires kept us out of a lot of the parks in New Mexico, but this one was open for day trips, and the views were spectacular.

The wedding was held at Loretto Chapel.  You guys, I'll say it again... GO THERE.  (read up about the history of the staircase before you go  :) )

Okay, on to the wedding!!!

The girls and guys stayed & got ready at La Fonda on the Plaza.  The girls took over the bridal suite while the dudes relaxed at the rooftop bar before the wedding.

Walking over to the chapel.  Literally right around the corner from the La Fonda.

The infamous staircase...

I just adore these two pictures of Stephanie's parents!!  Couldn't help but add them here  :)

Stephanie & Dru - You guys are seriously two of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever met.  You deserve every happiness coming your way :)   And I see plenty of it in your future!  xoxo - Kerri