Stephanie & CJ - Engaged!

Stephanie and CJ went to college together... even participated in social events together through their fraternity and sorority.  But romance didn't blossom until years later.  Ahhhh the beauty of facebook   :)

There was one little problem... CJ lived in Houston and Stephanie lived in Dallas.  Wait, did I say that was a problem?  Because it apparently, it wasn't.   Plane rides every weekend?  BRING IT.

Their relationship has grown and blossomed despite the miles between them, and they're going to marry in just a few short months.  They are a beautiful couple, and they were such fun to work with!  You can just tell that they love each other.  And appreciate their time together.   And it seems to me that every minute spent together is an adventure.

Stephanie & CJ - Here's to a lifetime of making memories!  :)