Sassy Sweetheart {Grapevine Children's Photographer}

It's amazing to watch a child.  They are so innocent and freely give their love (she invited me to their family dinner after the session and told me she loved me  :)  So sweet).  Everything is a playground, and they just crave a little attention and freedom  :)  So I'm learning to give it to them rather than try and tell them what to do, and it's turning into some fabulous sessions... and some fabulous new 5 year old friends! 

 I'll show more of her and her brother as soon as I finish editing their pictures.  I've been so busy shooting lately, and now I have a week off, so I'm hoping to finish up my editing (fingers crossed).... and that means more blogs!  yay!  (well except those crazy brides who won't let me show you their bridal pics before their wedding!  So RUDE!  hehe!)