Miss Avaree - 9 Months

 I'm in love with this girl.  She's got the most gorgeous blue eyes you've EVER seen... (I promise I didn't photoshop them this color!!)  She's sweet as can be (I don't think I've ever heard her cry), and just starting to learn she can get where she needs to get to all on her own, so mama and daddy... watch out!!  



She was fascinated by the nails   :)

This may be my favorite   :)    LOVE IT.



Taking a drink break!

She would get so excited, she'd ball her fists and clench her teeth!  So cute!!  Ha!



I really love the pictures that aren't "pretty, pose-y," but they actually show some personality.  I LOVE this photo, because it's baby Avaree in all her glory   :)  (she was biting her tongue, and I still think she's gorgeous!!  You can actually SEE me squatting to take her picture IN HER EYES!)