Mehul + Sonal + Mason

I'm finally caught up with all of my Spring Mini Sessions and decided it's about time I started blogging them!!  Procrastination - BE GONE.  ;)

Let's start with Day 1 (such an obvious choice, I know)!  This day I had 3 families (all friends) come out to the Bluebonnet Patch.  It was chaos and hilarity, with 3 small children who really just thought they were there to play with their friends!  No worries, though, because it helped me out getting them to smile and look!!  :)

First up is this beautiful family!!  Such sweet, sweet peeps, and look at Mason - what a stud!  He has those intense eyes that just bore into your soul, doesn't he?  Love it.  

See what I mean about getting them to laugh??!  haha!