Gayle & Ethan - Married!!

Wow... this blog post has been a long time coming.  In case you were wondering, wedding posts are completely over-whelming.  I guess I shouldn't make such a broad statement... they're over-whelming to ME  :)  Especially over the holiday season!!

This wedding was in October, and out of nowhere, the day was about 40 degrees... and windy... which I guess would have been okay, but it was the first cold day of the year and the weeks before were hovering around 90!  Crazy Texas weather.

Gayle and Ethan looked so gorgeous, though, and everything went off without a hitch.  Such a fun group of people both in and AT this wedding!

They got married at the 1899 Farmhouse in Princeton, Texas.  Lovely place for an outdoor wedding, if you're looking ;)

Gayle's sister gave the cutest Maid of Honor speech.  I love sisters so much!!

How can you not love Gayle's dad here?!  Haha!  He was awesome :)

Riding off into the sunset!  And into their future.  Here's to a wonderful life together, Mr. & Mrs. Bowman!!