Gaines - Newborn

Gaines and his family was another one of my "lifestyle family shoots" that I did recently.  I go to the family's home and shoot them in their element, if you will.  I love this idea and I think the pictures are extra special.  I will still always love the outdoor shots in the sunshine, but especially for newborns who may not be ready for all the outdoor elements, this is a fabulous idea! Gaines was perfect.  He was only a week old, but he looked and acted much older!  He was awake the whole time, and according to his Momma, he stayed awake long after I left.  Such a sweetheart, and proof that babies don't have to be sleeping to get great shots!

I got some really awesome Daddy/Son shots.  Sometimes the first-time dads aren't 100% comfortable with a week old newborn, but this one was  ;)