Drew + Lacey - Married

Drew and Lacey got married at the beautiful Springs Event Venue in Poetry, Texas in June.  The venue was amazing, and just perfect for Drew & Lacey's personality and style :)  To say I've grown attached to these two is an understatement.  I can't wait to watch their lives grow together!    

While Lacey was getting ready, I got to take her gift to Drew and hang out with the guys for a minute while he read a letter from her.  I'll just go ahead and say that these two are just the sweetest to each other <3   

Drew and Lacey didn't see each other before the wedding, but they met at the back door before all of the craziness started for a prayer,  to simply have a minute to take a breath, and hear each other's voice. 

And then it was wedding time!!  I just can't get over Drew's reaction to his bride.  I think he made everyone cry just a little!  (Have I mentioned that I love these two??)


I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful wedding party! 

I mean... come on!!  Look at these ladies!

Lacey and her dad cooreographed a father/daughter dance that was nothing short of amazing.  Look at her dad in that picture on the right!  haha!  I LOVE it! 

Everyone out on the dance floor!!!

The kids at this wedding were little dancing queens :) 

They gone!

Congratulations Drew and Lacey!!  I absolutely hope nothing but good days/weeks/years for you.  However, when things invariably get tough, I know that you will cling to each other and to God and you will come out stronger.  That's just the kind of couple you are.  You're amazing and I loved shooting your wedding!!  xoxo - Kerri