Drew + Lacey - Engagement

I haven't done engagements pictures in WAY too long!  I had so much fun, I kinda don't even care if they did or not!  haha!   (They did.  I fairly certain. :))  These guys are so sweet, so genuine, so HAPPY, it wasn't a hard job for me to get them to relax in front of the camera.  They just did what they did, loved on one another and got silly!   If there's a picture of Lacey not smiling in here, then it might have been an accident ;)  hehe!

My favorite below.  :)

Yep.  It's February in Texas.  And we found a tree in full bloom for Spring :)

Lacey asked if we could use a truck in the session.  Problem was, nobody knew where to get one.   Cue the power of Facebook!  We asked, someone offered, we said YES and THANK YOU!


Anxiously awaiting their wedding this Summer!  Thanks you guys, for being such an amazing couple :)