Detrik - Bridals

 Ohhhhh, Detrik.  I LOVE how these bridals turned out.  Someone at your wedding was talking to me about how beautiful you were and the word she used was "striking" and I said "That's it!  That's the perfect word to describe her!"

De-Bridals 1

Meeting you and getting to know you made me realize that you are just as beautiful inside as you are outside.  You're so kind and inviting  :)

De Bridal_02
De Bridals 44
De Bridal_04
De Bridals 22
De Bridal_06

She pretty much lives in her Vans, so of course we had to get that shot on the left!

De Bridals 33
De Bridal_09
De Bridal_10
De Bridal_11
De Bridals 55
De Bridal_13
De Bridal_14

Her family own and they all work at a Sonic.  She asked if we could stop by there before we were done, which I was completely fine with since I was going to suggest it anyway!!  haha!  Great minds... ;)

De Bridal_15

Detrik - I loved getting to know you (and Alex and your friends!!)!  You guys are awesome/amazing/too cool for school (ha!)!  Thank you sooo much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!  I'm glad we did these bridals... it was a great way to get to know you a little better before the hectic wedding day!  xoxoxo - Kerri

(These girls MIGHT kill me for this picture, but I'm posting it anyway!)

De Bridal_16