Carrie & Ryan - MARRIED!!

I'm having a hard time coming up with something amazing to say about these two without just sounding cheesy.. and like a big 'ol suck-up!  I actually DID became friends with them through this engagement/wedding process... They are the sweetest couple.  Truly.  And as you will be able to tell, they are deeply in love.  I look forward to keeping in touch with them, even though I may be done taking pictures for them for a while  :) I walked into the chapel and knew that Carrie had invested a lot of her time on this "do-it-yourself" wedding, and I think it turned out perfectly.  It reminded me of her.  Down-home, a little vintage, and completely inviting.  You'll see  :)

I don't there was a dry eye in the room when Carrie's dad and brother saw her for the first time.

A cute idea in lieu of a "first look."  Carrie wanted Ryan to see her for the first time that day when she walking down the aisle toward him... about to become his wife.

Her dad was killing me!  It's hard to shoot when you're eyes are blurry with tears!

All you Aggies (and friends of Aggies) will know what's going on here  :)

Ryan and Carrie - I'll say again, you two are amazing.  I wish you all the happiness in the world as you begin your life together!!  You really inspire me as a couple!  Much love - Kerri