Blake & Heather - Married!

I'm just now getting to posting this wedding.  I can't believe I woke up and it's May already.  GEE WIZ!  (do people say that anymore??)  Weddings are HARD to put together for a post, I just want to throw that out there :) Having said all that, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding than this one.  Laid back, easy going bride & groom, sweetest families, outdoor ceremony under the largest oak tree in a beautiful park... so great.

I love watching brides keep up with Facebook while they're being pampered.  It always happens!  Haha!  But I think it's great because I know they're getting tons of well wishing messages from friends and loved ones in anticipation for the big day, and that's gotta make anybody feel good!  How awesome to get to receive all of those in the stressful hours pre-wedding.

Heather and her mom were so precious.  They made me cry just watching them.  (confession:  I tear up quite a bit at the weddings I shoot ;)  I can't help it!)

Heather & Blake didn't see each other before the ceremony, but this is always such a cute idea!

Heather & Blake - I love you guys!  Best wishes until I see you again, because I better see you again!  ;)