Josh + Jessica - Married

Josh and Jessica ("Joshica" if you will), were married on a sunny morning in September in an intimate backyard wedding that was nothing short of dreamy.  These two... they're just beautiful people inside and out with huge hearts and that's really the best way I know to describe them.  You could feel the impact they have on their family and friends who gathered around them to celebrate and love them on their wedding day!  


It's getting married time!  This picture just sums up, I think, the walk down the aisle... Dad seeing his daughter, his baby, how beautiful and grown she is and feeling so proud, while she is looking toward her husband-to-be, smile on her face, so happy and in love.  




Hands down the most emotional father/daughter dance I've ever witnessed.  I tear up at every wedding I shoot, and this was no exception!  I think an actual tear might have escaped this time :) 


And they're out of here!!  


Josh and Jessica - Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to document your day!  You guys are amazing, awesome people.  I've completely enjoyed watching you two together, following you on social media and seeing you push and inspire one another.  Keep it up.  xoxo - Kerri  

Brad + Danielle + Reese + Caine + Heath

Brad and Danielle exchanged vows this summer at their home and their neighborhood lake.  It was a small, intimate affair that was juuuuust about perfect (except for, you know, flower and cake disasters and 100 degree weather...small things ;-)).  But seriously, they've built such an awesome life together, this ceremony was just icing on their already yummy cake!  

This is the sign that I saw when I walked up to their front door.  And having watched Dani plan this wedding through her posts on Facebook and Instagram, I knew she really meant it.  Family and friends are so important, and that's just how they do life... with their friends and family by their side (if not right in the mix of it all)!  ;-) 

I loved these favors!  "we're kind of a big dill"  I meant to grab one for myself, and completely forgot (*hint, hint*)  ha!

Momma and her boys.  They wore their suits just for her, and took several pictures JUST FOR HER, because we all know they didn't really want to do either!  Good sons ;-)

Love that photo on the right with all the boys and "Brad Dad." 

Groom and HIS mom! 

Danielle never got an official proposal, so when Caine walked down the aisle he told Brad, "I think you forgot something" and handed him Danielle's ring.  Brad walked UP the aisle to Danielle and proposed to her right then and there.  It was completely unexpected and caught her a little bit off guard, as evidenced by the tears :-)  And just look at how he LOOKS at her!!  Aaahhh!

I don't know if my favorite thing about this picture is the kiss or the boys faces!! 

So quick side note.  One thing that intrigues me so much about Danielle is how she just has no qualms walking up to someone and dead pan telling them something that is completely incorrect, just to see their reaction.  And I mean, she lets the awkwardness sit for a while before she will ever fess up to joking with them (if she ever does)!  I could NEVER!  haha!!  

So we walked up to the golf clubhouse and they were having a costume party for someone's birthday, and Danielle's yelling at folks that they won't let her in because she wore the wrong costume, and I'm looking for somewhere to hide.  Ha!!  But after all that, we had to get a picture with these lovely folks, because WHY NOT?!!  

Danielle and Brad (and Reese, Caine, Heath *and Pierce*) - Can't wait to watch your family continue to grow!  You guys are killing it at this whole fun family thing, so just keep doing you and I know I'll keep getting new stories to tell each time I photograph you :-)  Love you all!  xoxo

Drew + Lacey - Married

Drew and Lacey got married at the beautiful Springs Event Venue in Poetry, Texas in June.  The venue was amazing, and just perfect for Drew & Lacey's personality and style :)  To say I've grown attached to these two is an understatement.  I can't wait to watch their lives grow together!    

While Lacey was getting ready, I got to take her gift to Drew and hang out with the guys for a minute while he read a letter from her.  I'll just go ahead and say that these two are just the sweetest to each other <3   

Drew and Lacey didn't see each other before the wedding, but they met at the back door before all of the craziness started for a prayer,  to simply have a minute to take a breath, and hear each other's voice. 

And then it was wedding time!!  I just can't get over Drew's reaction to his bride.  I think he made everyone cry just a little!  (Have I mentioned that I love these two??)


I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful wedding party! 

I mean... come on!!  Look at these ladies!

Lacey and her dad cooreographed a father/daughter dance that was nothing short of amazing.  Look at her dad in that picture on the right!  haha!  I LOVE it! 

Everyone out on the dance floor!!!

The kids at this wedding were little dancing queens :) 

They gone!

Congratulations Drew and Lacey!!  I absolutely hope nothing but good days/weeks/years for you.  However, when things invariably get tough, I know that you will cling to each other and to God and you will come out stronger.  That's just the kind of couple you are.  You're amazing and I loved shooting your wedding!!  xoxo - Kerri   

Drew + Jade - Wedding

Jade and Drew were married on a beautiful Saturday evening in June.  The weather turned out to be great, even in the midst of a Texas summer.  And although Jade was thrown a few curve balls right at the end, she held it all together beautifully and the day turned out to be perfect :) 

Helloooo handsome groom!  You look ready to get MARRIED!


Jade and all of her lovely ladies!!  Aren't their flowers amazing??  They all made their own bouquet themselves!  I was in awe.  I love me some flowers, and these colors and arrangements did NOT disappoint!  (also - those blue dresses?  YES)

Jade - you are stunning.

They did such a great job on their first dance!  I love Drew's face here  ;)

First, a quick selfie... then it's time to PAR-TAY!  :)

The best man (groom's brother, my crazy B-I-L) gave them a little extra sparkler exit time!  Ha!

Jade & Drew - Thank you so much for allowing me to take your wedding photos!  I love you guys and wish you all the happiness in the many (MANY) years to come!

Alex + Detrik - Married!

I love these two... seriously.  I haven't blogged their wedding yet because I have panic attacks just thinking about narrowing down these images.  I still don't think I picked the best ones out of the bunch, but here's a sampling of them anyway :)  (Why does blogging a wedding freak me out so bad??!!)

Venue:  Old Bedford School Road  .  Such a cool, unique place.  Check them out!!

This cracks me up.  Look at the hairdresser's expression in the back looking at the fire photo :)

Sweetest little flower girl.  She was a hoot.  Loved her ;)