David + Brittney + Kaila

When Brittney contacted me about maternity and family shots, she said something along the lines of "...you probably don't remember us, but..."  Pshawww!  Of COURSE I remember you!  But oh my goodness, how could it have been 3 years ago??!  Eek!

Kaila-girl is just as sweet as she is beautiful :)

I can't wait for baby boy to join your family!  And I seriously can't wait to see how thick his beard is when he's born!!  :)  Ha! 

Stefanie + Matthew + Baby Bump

I spoke too soon when I said I may not post until next year.  I was looking back through my pictures and found a couple more blogs I need to get up!  One of them being this session with Stefanie and Matthew (and little baby girl!).

These two were easy and fun.  I think Stefanie's a natural at being pregnant.  She just looked so at ease the whole time... and glowing.  Yes, she actually glowed  :)

I feel like I could specialize in Maternity Photography at this point!  Haha!  But I love it.  I love getting to see and talk to these mommies and daddies as they anxiously anticipate the arrival of their babies.  So fun for me!

Tory + Chris + Baby Bump

  My cousin, Tory, is expecting her first baby this November.  She and her husband came to Grapevine to do some maternity pictures, and I'm so glad they did!  Her sister came along too, and to be honest, I just don't get to see them as much as I'd like to.  It was fun to hang out for a couple hours.  And I think we got some great shots along the way :)

Congratulations Tory & Chris!!  Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Amanda + Blake + Baby Bump

I did a quick photo session with my sister and brother-in-law a couple weekends ago when I was in Houston.  We literally shot for about 15 minutes total, because it was SO hot and SO humid.  But since they are professionals in front of the camera by now (haha!) we got some great shots :)  Can't wait for my first little nephew to make his debut!

My Impromptu Maternity Session

I am still on bed rest right now (although thankfully I'm out of the hospital!) and typically spend all day at home by myself during the week.  I am currently at 35 weeks and am able to get up to take a shower,  grab food, etc.  So today I decided to set up the camera for a couple minutes and snap a few photos.  They'll be nice to have, and I thought they turned out pretty cute, considering I had to take them with a  tripod and remote control... not to mention that taking pictures of yourself, by yourself, is just kind of weird :)  I kept imagining people watching me and laughing!  Even though they were taken in my backyard and living room and I know nobody could see!

Also, I've got a couple of sessions that I want to blog.  They were taken before I got put on bed rest and I haven't been able to format them for the internet.  Now that I'm home I should be able to get that done, so I'm hoping to have them up in the next week or two :)