Lacey - Bridals

Now that Mrs. Lacey has had her wedding, I can finally blog her beautiful bridals!  I love this girl, and I can't wait to show her and Drew's wedding pictures here soon!  Can you even get over this dress?  

All she does is smile, laugh, and smile so I was actually a little surprised we got a serious face on the bottom left!  ;-)

Hayden Panettiere double on the bottom there...  Anyone else see it??

Of course her doggie Miranda had to come out for some photos.  She got her smiling skillz from her momma!  

xoxo - Kerri 

Detrik - Bridals

 Ohhhhh, Detrik.  I LOVE how these bridals turned out.  Someone at your wedding was talking to me about how beautiful you were and the word she used was "striking" and I said "That's it!  That's the perfect word to describe her!"

De-Bridals 1

Meeting you and getting to know you made me realize that you are just as beautiful inside as you are outside.  You're so kind and inviting  :)

De Bridal_02
De Bridals 44
De Bridal_04
De Bridals 22
De Bridal_06

She pretty much lives in her Vans, so of course we had to get that shot on the left!

De Bridals 33
De Bridal_09
De Bridal_10
De Bridal_11
De Bridals 55
De Bridal_13
De Bridal_14

Her family own and they all work at a Sonic.  She asked if we could stop by there before we were done, which I was completely fine with since I was going to suggest it anyway!!  haha!  Great minds... ;)

De Bridal_15

Detrik - I loved getting to know you (and Alex and your friends!!)!  You guys are awesome/amazing/too cool for school (ha!)!  Thank you sooo much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!  I'm glad we did these bridals... it was a great way to get to know you a little better before the hectic wedding day!  xoxoxo - Kerri

(These girls MIGHT kill me for this picture, but I'm posting it anyway!)

De Bridal_16

Sarah - Bridals

I've come to really love doing bridal shoots...  They're so much fun because it's like giggly girl-time and you don't have to worry about a man getting tired halfway through the shoot  :-)  Sarah was no exception, she laughed the whole way through, it seemed.  I found it very difficult to get her to give me a serious face!  Ha!  But hey, that's just the kind of girl she is, and I definitely want her pictures to reflect that.  So here is smiley Sarah in all her glory  ;-)

My absolute favorite!

The Blog is Suffering...

I know, I know.  I have been so insane-ly busy with work and "life" the last month and a half that something was bound to suffer... Well, it was the blog (and maybe dinner a few nights a week).  Here are some sneak peeks of what I've been working on... and they all need to make their blog debut at some point.  Maybe NEXT month???  :)

Courtnie & David's Wedding!!

Amanda's Bridals...

Miss Audrey's turns 1 year!

And Sweet Caroline's Senior Photos  :)

This is all I can do for now, folks!  BUT... I do promise full posts before year end  :)