David + Brittney + Kaila

When Brittney contacted me about maternity and family shots, she said something along the lines of "...you probably don't remember us, but..."  Pshawww!  Of COURSE I remember you!  But oh my goodness, how could it have been 3 years ago??!  Eek!

Kaila-girl is just as sweet as she is beautiful :)

I can't wait for baby boy to join your family!  And I seriously can't wait to see how thick his beard is when he's born!!  :)  Ha! 

Vivienne - Newborn

I LOVE BABIES.  LOVE.  I love holding them, and walking with them, and snuggling in their sweet smelling necks.  And I really love getting to photograph them and hand over their newborn pictures to their mommas!  I remember waiting on my children's newborn pictures with such great anticipation and pouring over them when I received them and just feeling so much love and joy for this little person that looked so calm and SWEET in their photos! 

Now, I know firsthand that babies are also loud and exhausting and hard, but when I think back to their newborn stage, I remember their sweetness and everything that their newborn pictures portray so that's what I try to capture.  I got to meet little Vivienne a week after she was born.  And she was just as perfect as I'd imagined she'd be :)  Take a look for yourself!

Princess Mini Sessions!

Hey everyone!  I've got a couple of Mini Session announcements.  This post will be for the "Princess Minis" that will include the cute carousel horse you see my daughter modeling with below :-) 

These are scheduled for August 10 (Wednesday) and August 12 (Friday) between the times of 6:20 and 8:00, in 20 minute time slots.  There are links below to pick your time.  I know it's hot outside, so we will be keeping the sessions short at 20 minutes each.  We will also be in a shaded area for them and I will have plenty of water!  

If these times do not work for you, or you don't want to be outside right now, I have another option for you guys :)  I will be posting separately for this, but I will also be offering a limited number of sessions on August 13 (Saturday) at an INDOOR location in Dallas.  Keep checking back and I'll get that post that soon with sign-up opportunities!  

Information for the Mini Sessions: 

  1. These will be in Grapevine in a field area.
  2. The session will be 20 minutes.  Don't worry, this gives us plenty of time for your daughter to be adorable for 10 amazing photos :-) 
  3. I am giving 10 edited photos, but they will be more heavily edited than my normal photos, to give it a kind of whimsy, ethereal feel.
  4. You get color and black & white high resolution photos in an online gallery that you can download and print/use however you want!
  5. Are you ready to sign up yet?!  The links below will allow you to pick a time slot that is still open.  Once you have confirmed your time, I will send out more information about location and the props that I will have!  (which include several ruffle skirts, a princess wand, and tiara if anyone needs them)  ;-)

Jay + Kandi + Thomas

Prepare yourself to fall in love... with the absolute cutest little stinker you've ever seen!

The below pictures show Thomas's newborn photo that I took 6 months ago, and then his update picture with Mr. Elephant :)  Soooooo sweet and so happy Momma brought the elephant back for a comparison shot! 

His little smirk/smile KILLS me!

Do you think Momma and Daddy are smitten??  <3

Thanks for bringing Thomas back for me to oodle over :)  Hope to see you again in another 6 months!!  xoxo

Ashley + Jake + Blake

One of my favorite times of year, getting to take pictures of these three!  The boys never fail to impress me with their manners and sweetness (while at the same time being silly 6/7 year old boys) :-)

We got all Jungle Book out in the woods since they'd just been to see that movie the weekend before.  I knew we were pushing it after about 10 minutes and finally the fun ended with Jake flat on his back when the "vine" broke.  Eeek!  He took it like a champ, though ;-)

My favorite below... because I can imagine it as a big canvas on their wall :-)  Thanks for another year of letting me capture you and your little BIG guys, Ashley!!  xoxo